Hyoung Jin Choi
Inha University, South Korea
Smart Layered Material Composites and their Electrorheology
Plinio Innocenzi
Università di Sassari, Italy
Disorder to Order Evolution in Mesoporous Films: from Self-Assembly to Complex Materials
Freek Kapteijn
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
NH2-MIL-53 a Versatile MOF - from Gas Separations to Optical Applications
Stefan Kaskel
Dresden University of Technology, Germany
Metal-Organic Frameworks and Porous Polymers
An-Hui Lu
Dalian University of Technology, China
Carbon Materials with Defined Morphology and Pore Structure
Masahiko Matsukata
Waseda University, Japan
Dehydration of Petrochemical Products with Zeolite Membranes: A Key Technology toward Large-Scale Energy Saving
Russell E. Morris
The University of St Andrews, UK
Synthesis and Application of Zeolites and MOFs: From Ionothermal to Protecting Group Approaches
Alexander Neimark
Rutgers University, USA
Breathing MOFs - Thermodynamics and Dynamics of Adsorption Induced Deformation in MIL-53
Tatsuya Okubo
The University of Tokyo, Japan
Simple Synthesis of Zeolites
Carlo Perego
Istituto Eni Donegani, Eni SpA, Italy
Conversion of Bio-Derived Feedstocks through Zeolite Catalysis
Wieslaw J. Roth
J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic
Practical and Fundamental Expansion of Zeolites into New Dimensions Based on 2D Layered Structures
George Shimizu
University of Calgary, Canada
Metal Organic Frameworks for Clean Energy Applications
Ben Slater
University College London, UK
Understanding Properties from an Atoms' Eye View of ZIF and Zeolite Thin Films
Takahiko Takewaki
Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Japan
Novel Water Vapor Adsorbent AQSOA for Environmental Benign Adsorption Heat Pump
Hideaki Tsuneki
Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd., Japan 
Development of Diethanolamine Selective Production Process Using Shape-Selective MFI Zeolite Catalyst
Jeroen A. van Bokhoven
ETH Zurich, Switzerland 
Why Does the Performance of Zeolites Improve after Mesopore Formation?
Peng Wu
East China Normal University, China
Layered Zeolites: A Platform for Designing Efficient Catalysts
Yushan Yan
University of Delaware, USA
Zeolite Thin Films for Energy and Water Applications
Avelino Corma
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Zeolites with Pores of Different Dimensions within the Same Structure: Catalytic Properties
Jiří Čejka
J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic
Zeolite UTL and Way beyond
Kazuyuki Kuroda
Waseda University, Japan
Preparation and Applications of Mesoporous Materials
Ryong Ryoo
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
New Opportunities in ZMPC Field with Hierarchical Zeolite Structure-Directing Surfactants
Takashi Tatsumi
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Design of Zeolite Catalysts for Selective Production of Light Olefins - Catalysts for Naphtha Cracking and MTO Reaction
Valentin Valtchev
ENSICAEN, Universite de Caen, CNRS, France
Zeolite Properties: Engineering beyond the Natural Limits


The following speakers have confirmed their participation in ZMPC2012.
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